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About Glass by Andrea Rosen

Andrea Rosen is an artist residing in Ottawa, Canada. She was trained at Concordia University's Faculty of Fine Arts, graduating in 1976.  From the early days, Andrea's works have tended to be abstract in composition, and continue today to explore concepts relating to colour and movement.  In the last two years, Andrea has continued to explore these elements, now changing formats to create three dimensional glass sculpture.  Her warm glass work involves the use of fused 96 COE glass in many formats: sheet glass, frit, murrini and powder.  Andrea brings to bear the power of vivid colour, chemical reaction, texture and movement, attempting to produce richly positive emotions in the viewer.

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13 Black Orange  Glass Powdered_lowres10
10 Phoenix_lowres1046.jpg
11 Dichroic Glass Powder 3quarters_lowre
03 Blue Amorphic Glass Powder_lowres1036
18 Black & red Powder_lowres1030.jpg
Red and Blue Glass Powdered_lowres1063.j
6 Brilliant Red &black Glass Powdered_lo
8 8lues Gold Glass Powdered_lowres1041.j
15 Blue Pwder 3 quarter_lowres1027.jpg
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36 sheet glass With Frit_lowres1058.jpg
33 red, vanilla jaw bowl_lowres1061.jpg
12 Wavy Glass Frit_lowres1048.jpg
17 stripped Glass Frit  3 quarter_lowres
41 Glass frit By chance_lowres1057.jpg
37 Murrini Glass bowl_lowres1059.jpg
16 amber & blue Glass frit bowl side vie
32 jaws Sheet Glass bowl_lowres1060.jpg
14 Mint and mauve Glass Froit bowl_lowre
20 Jaws Bowl_lowres1032.jpg
37 Jaw Tiles_lowres1053.jpg
39 _ Adventurine Dichroic Landscape_lowr
40  Powder Mosaic tile_lowres1056.jpg
38 Layered Blue tile_lowres1054.jpg
04 Glass  powder with Wafers_lowres1037.
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9 Fire Sheet Glass_lowres1042.jpg
7 spirit Glass Menorah_lowres1040.jpg
01 Jaws  red Spirit_lowres1033.jpg
29 Jaws Menorah up 3-4_lowres1064.jpg
26 Orange whisper Glass Menorah_lowres10
Menorah Pearl Flat.jpg
Menorah Pearl
Menorah White 1.jpg
Menorah Blue 1.jpg
Menorah ZigZag.jpg
Menorah White 2.jpg
Menorah Blue 2.jpg
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"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."

Albert Einstein

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10 Phoenix_lowres1046.jpg


Ottawa, ON, Canada


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